Video HD, 4.41 min. 2015

Il vuoto nello spazio²

The game of evidence

An illegible, scrambled up and erased music sheet for first and second cello, where it is almost impossible to follow the melody of the ninth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven composed in 1824. Its last part is the Ode to Joy, which the European Union has adopted as its anthem. In an effort to paint the EU map on the music sheet only with water, the musical score is altered, re-dimensioned by constructing and deconstructing the anthem as an expression of European identity. The notes get lost in the white sheet resembling to old traces. The music sheet is thus transformed into an unidentifiable score. In the video, the cellist tries to play the music in Allegro Moderato, but the result is an out of tune melody and often incomplete, which tries to find an appropriate tuning in order to be recreated in a new score-identity.